Artificial Leather

Purse / Handbags

Durable, Easy to use & Beautiful to touch.

We produce PVC synthetic leather to fit nearly any application one can think of in numerous designs and colours. Our products are used in luggage, ladies handbags, purses, wallets, belts, and other consumer durables. We have specially designed our products to give excellent strength and standing required in Purse/Handbag industry.


Our synthetic leather is used in various application in the automotive industry ranging from Car Seat Covers, Car Mats, Steering wheel and Gear Knob covers, Sun visors, etc. The technical challenges of the automotive industry can only be met with constant innovation. Our fabrics have excellent ratings for smoke, fire, toxicity, durability and breathability. PVC Artificial leather helps in elevating the aesthetics, durability and overall experience in an automobile while reducing the maintenance needs of the same.


We, at Narendra, provides a wide variety of products catering to the upholstery application. Furnishing industry is one of the major consumer of artificial leather considering the numerous benefits it provides over leather or other fabrics. Apart from the obvious price perspective, artificial leather is durable, eco-friendly, easy to maintain and available in a wide variety of feel, finishes, textures and colours.


Our shoe leather will withstand sun, rain, light, snow, sleet, dust, dirt and still retain its original colour and lustre.

Shoe upper is made to be tough, durable, and long-lasting. The shoe inner is made to be soft, comfortable, and easy to stitch. Both are available in a variety of colours, embosses, textures and prints.